The fair governor

The fair governor
The creatures were down the ocean
Away from any observed or viewer
Had a meeting with the wise of ocean
They had a letter that contained a complain
They would tell him they want a leader
To govern and lead that wide kingdom
And knew their characters and conditions
He must be strong in danger situations
He must be fair when the fair is a condition
To establish his rule and the state in observation
Of advancing and getting more welfare to creatures
The wise choose the frog as he was wise enough
He can control their doing and life
And convert the ocean to the heaven life
When he sat on the throne
The big fish got a jealous
They hit them when they went
They called him by bad words
He was hurt in every motion
As they had bad emotion
They called him goofy creature
They went to the wise again
They said "our governor is a weak person
Kind who can't be obeyed by anyone
Please choose another one who is good
In a hard situation, he is solid
In easy situation, he is kind
Lead our land in a rank
Over any land as a remark
He said "If I choose again
You will not complain"
They said "no, we swear"
He chose the greater whale
When he sat on the throne
He saw a fish there in a walk
He called for her
When she entered
He had eaten her
He went for a walk
He eats every one he met
He hurt every one
He hurt on the faces
He swear with a false oath
They went again
To the wise of ocean
They said a complain
He said a golden word
"You are so unfair
So your governor is unfair
Also as the choice is from inner
Of your land and people
A stranger can't lead a land
Famous of dark and unjust