Poor child

There was a child
 His clothes were old
His shape was smart 
But he has no chance
He found the others are best
He found the others have looked
Happy and have more fun
He decided not to go
To his school and not to do
His work and not to read or know
As he said" this is my only luck
The bad luck is only for me
The sun know its way
And I have no way"
He decided to wake till late
And get slept all the day
He said "all manners for me
Are the same in every way
He decided not to go the exam
He remembered the teacher's face
When he looked angry at his face
And said "you are very bad
Even you study hard
You are still stupid
He decided not to write
His friends said that
"You are very bad"
He decided to sleep without do
Except leave the world and be
The worst
As they might talk and say
His mother looked and said
What is your matter
If you get dead
You will get them
Happy and satisfy
Why they hate you
As they don't want you
If you neglect them
And love your home
If you forget them
Work to be fame
Fight as a knight
Work day and night
You will be the knight