The bees

The bee circled around
The bees asked the queen
The question was about
Which is the right
Way to the food?
The queen was absent
She slept in fact
She didn't want to wake
She didn't like to work
The bees were searching for the food
Returned to tell her the news
She usually reads the news
She studied it very good
And tells the bees about the food
That is great, much and good
But she was lazy
She didn't like to be ready
To get her responsible completely
The bee knew it led to disorder
She took the news and red in order
She pointed the bees at the master
Of food to eat and gain faster
The all bees knew she is clever
She called her to be their leader
A queen of their justice
Kingdom of work and peace
Kingdom of done and efforts
Not for sleep and laziness
Kingdom of progress and advance