A message of the dearest mother

You want to immigrate
You want to get abroad
You must hate your life her
Or you may get a lover there
You may angry of you land
Or you may harass from my late
Yes I am undeveloped land
Yes I am not advanced one
But I still have fare
I still have attract
My land is still green
The plants grow everywhere
I can also walk
Move, talk and speak
Don't look to the news
It may be occurred intervals
At the end the peace gains
Or you must hate me
You must hate troubles
The struggle. That is  happened
The problems those are appeared
The life that may be hurt
But you still love me
If you insist to go
You must not forget me
You must not like green
Eyes of smart girls there
And forget you mother her
If you like to go``
You must phone me
For times, asking about me
And send me your greetings
I will respond without late
Wait, wait I'd like to know how
Is your face like
As I think it is the last time
To look at your shape
Wait ,wait and talk
To dig your sound in my heart
To dig it with my blood
To mix with it
With a strong tie
To remember your land
Take some of my sand
That is the only gift
From my inside heart
Your mother "Egypt"