I wanted to play

I wanted to play
I went to my father
Mother, brother and sister
To share
A game to play
A father said
"I must have a rest
As I got tired
My brother said
I must do my work
As I have a homework
My sister said as my brother's talk
My mother said
She has to do cook
To prepare for lunch
I saw a toy
I play with it
Till I got into sleep
I opened my eyes
I found the stars
Around me
I can catch them
I can fly with them
I saw the angels
Around me
I play with them
I run after them
Till the high calling up
"Get up, get up"
She was my mama
Said" want to have lunch
It is ready to eat"
I looked sad
I said "I have a game
It does not end
Let me sleep again
To complete that
When I finish it
You have to wake me up"