A lonely bird

الرحمن الرحيم مجموعه من الصور المتحركه للطيور اتمنى تنال اْعجابكم
He was walking alone
He saw also a worm
He chased it good
He was picking up a seed
From the down land
He was drinking water
He was playing a game
With only one player
He always was a looser
He can't explain the reason
Except he had no plane
To defeat his adversary
He has no spirit
To continue that game
He had a short breath
The result does worth
He looked at the lake
He saw his face
He said in obvious
Why do you beat me?
You must answer me
Or you are like inanimate
I will beat you in the next
I will do my best
To make you in the lowest
He laughed loudly
He said "you laughed loudly
You must be nearest
And be closed
You must forget my worst
I have said
I will kiss you long
He kissed his wing
The water was been touching
And he flew higher