The moons

The planets and the moon
You know we are nine
Sisters rotate around the sun
She friends and give us
The light, the calm and the path
We stayed around by powers
Between each one and the sun
We are the terrestrial planets
Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars
And the Jovian planets
Are Jupiter ,Saturn, Uranus
The Neptune is the last planet
The smallest is Mercury
Followed by null
Venus followed by null
Also and earth has one
Moon circled around her
Circled around his mother
The Mars has two moons
The Jupiter has sixteen
The Saturn has eighteen
The Uranus has fifteen
The Neptune has eight moons
And the Pluto has one
The most one has moon
Is the Saturn
And then
Is the Uranus
No it is the third
The second is the Jupiter
Then mars
The earth and the Pluto
Have only one
There are nine
Moons around the sun