Do not give up

Don't give up
Don't ever stand
Don't be tough
Or loose your self
If your love
Let you down
And go to another one
If your love
Hate you
And fly to another one
"She doesn't need you"
She says
If you loose your job
And become idle without hope
If your manager said in loud
Without hesitate 'you are frustrate"
If you cultivate the land
And wait for gain the corps
And you are shocked by burn
A fire burns every plant
If you loose your wealth
And have no money to spend
To get money for food and cloth
If you have no reason to explain
And you have to hate the others
You decided to suicide
You must wait to see
What has the God Done?
The things are been given
To you without demand
The air that you are breath
The air that you feel fresh
The water that you drink
And wash when you want
To clean your self
You must wash your inner
Body to be clear and gain
A new look and be happy
By demand from the only
God forgiveness and mercy
You must worship him and pray
Every time every moment