Get up early

The cock is moved
The cock is waked
Every day every morning
He called at every sleeping
Get up at with no waiting
Wash your body
Clean you heart
To get a happy
Pray to your God
To be smart
Asking him for help
To get your best
And much welfare
The cock stood
Above the high tower
Calling at loud
Get up to work
Get up to be happy
Fired the devil
By asking your God
By praying to get
Your good and rest
The cock does not give up
As he feels happy
When he gets creatures
To go their works
On time, at the moment
The welfare in early
Has more bless and wealthy
The cock still wakes till
The sun said with full
Mouth goodbye for all
We will meet again
When the night is gone
ديك يمشي صور متحركه خطيره 2011