the traveler rose

There was a rose
Wants to leave her place
To live in the worth palace
With important people and princes
She will be a friend to all princesses
She will be lovely by all knights
They will deal her as a king rose
They will permit her
To go as she goes
 And to see as she sees
She will be the rose over roses
She will spread doses
Of funny and happy
She had dealt with a dear
On the morning, she will immigrate
When the sun rises she will move
With her nation to a green land
Where a lot of water and food
There is no strange or wild found
They will pass by several palaces
They will eat more and difference
Of food and corps
They will meet several things
Those are amused or dangerous
They may tie a relation with various
Or they may loose a relation with closers
They will do a great experience
The night soon came
They all must have a rest
And they must had slept
She traveled to that palace
She got every amused and elegance
Things and faces those are obvious
She was dealt as a queen