the smart

I will draw her
Native and smart
As she is known
As she is shown
She is so beautiful
That attracts every viewer
She is a diamond or pearl
She is a dream that I have dreamt
For long years and I told
Every one every thing
I said
To the flying to the birds
I asked
If there is a beauty and smart
those are equivalent
I asked the winds in faith
I make them to swear with oath
That they don't say the false
They will say a truth
She had a scent
That is not sniffed
I asked the moon and the sun
Her beauty was noticed or seen
On any human face for any one
I asked the land that gives the welfare
I asked more the ocean and the river
They said she gives a welfare
More than the river
The river may be decreased or changed
It’s amount of the welfare as a range
Of falling waters those are average
She is also kind and has advantage
She doesn't make harm through her age
She is near and can be seen
Every time every moment
The river can be away
She responds me when I say
I love you
With an answer
I love you
With my soul
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