Between those pearls

Between those pearls, I was amazed
She has the worthiest than any created
Her yellow hair attracted
The minds for asking about
That welfare will be for one
Who has more benefits than anyone
It remembered me with the wide
Desert which makes one lost his mind
, His way and lost also his sight
The second is green eyes
Like the plants grew on time
They mean the life which is felt fine
With green plants
Those cover the lands
Man felt as undead
He will left till the last day
They make the world happy
Attracted all beauty
Toward their land
Attract the birds, the active
To live with happy time
The third pearl is white
Face as an angel, in right
Way of beauty and kind
Makes you chased the worry
Feels you live with funny
Senses you are very beauty
Gets your spirit calm and steady
It will live in life ready
To spread the love and the happy
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