the traveler rose

The sudden act

Every lover came to complain
Of the other and the done
Every one wants a rest
He came and had a sit
Beside her and glance
At her beauty and thanks
The God who creates like this
Then the celebration was coming
It is the throne day for the king
The princess, the princes and guests
Must attendant this with official clothes
There must be a great of roses
They cut a lot of roses
And they sill needed a lot of those
They came toward it
They wanted to cut iy
The servant said it is not for cut
But the other said we need it
To complete a the decorate
We cut it and plant smart than it
They cut it and put in a vase
She lost her life and elegance
On the morning they got her up
She wake suddenly with face
Filled of fear of death
She said "I had a bad accident
That was occurred and happened
Last night and I think important
Thing that I will not leave my land
Where I grew and knew friend
Where I knew the mean of my sand
It is worth than any sand