The magic rose

There were two lovers
Stayed at a garden
Under the green leaves
The songs of birds
Heard at every sides
The shines of the roses
Made increased of happiness
The water ran on the land
Got the heart satisfied
The calm is covered all sides
But the devils appeared
The two lovers quarreled
The sat at different sides
The old man sat and saw
what happened of abuse
He became nearest to the man
Said why you are so wide
From that smartest one
If I was still youth
I got white horse
And take her at once
Go and tell her
To accept your apologizes"
The man said "no!, my respect
Prevent me to do that!"
The old said" what! Respect!
Go or you will repented
Look at that rose
It had inner sense
Of magic in close
Look at it for ten minutes
Then talk in candor
About your feelings
Say your regrets
You are sorry for utterances
Those are bad things