who is more?

There was one
Who cut the rose
Thy asked at once
Who is the rose
The cutter or the cut?
They asked and talked
Who had more attract
That woman or the rose?
The scent of the rose
Goes after whiles
Seconds ,minutes or days
But the scent of the beloved
Steady for periods and whiles
The rose has influence
That may continues for days
She had more and elegance
That continues for times
They felt with kindness
And filled with fear
As she might be insult
Or had pain and hurt
From the rose's thorns
The rose had no heart
But she had kind heart
The rose's smile stands
As the rose has scent
The woman smile stands
For times even after exodus
They had jealous
Of that cut rose
As it was cut
And hanged to a chest
Equals more than pelf