The surprise bird

We saw him injured
He couldn't move good
He couldn't even fly
His eyes filled with tears
He left his head to the sky
Asking for help and cure
He was hurt in his leg
His walk was limping
We took him to our home
We gave him water and food
His manner changed to be good
My brother was veterinarian
He saw his leg and his pain
He considered it and said
He must have stayed
He must have a rest
To be cured in complete
To return his health in fast
We put him in a cage
The cage's door was opened
As we knew he couldn't move
All night we slept
Till the pray of the sunrise was called
My brother's wife came and screamed
Her wealthy ring was lost
We search everywhere
We found nothing
It was important and a gift
The bird also was disappeared
We forgot the ring for time
Then I was called after time
By a friend who was an officer
Working at the police station
He knew the entire tale
He advised me to come fast
I moved in hurry and speed
After I reached he said
"Look at that"
It was the ring, it was that
I said with funny
"That's great happy"
He said "do you know
How does it go?"
I said "no"
He said "the jeweler trained that bird
To act as ill and hurt
He trained him to knew the wealthy
That equals high worthy
It must lightly and not heavy
To the bird to carry it easy
And bring to the leader safely