One, two, three
Your time is free
Your learn is a work
You can be the talk
Of all people and the look
Of all eyes those remark
You as the important one
One, two, three
You may be the wealth
As important man in a science
To your country in advance
Or get money and wealth
By only your brilliance
One, two, three
You may important
And also be asked
As a high ranked
Four, five, six
This is a count
Learn to know amount
Of your mother land
And keep it for the last
To be the advanced land
Six, seven, eight
The learn is right
It brings the light
And dismissed the dark
As an ugly think
Ten is the end
Of the your count
Numbers you must learn
But there are more to gain
One, two, three
Four, five, six
Seven eight, nine
And ten