There was a rat

There was a rat
A rat was chased by a cat
He run as he could
But the cat is the fast
He run to the lion
He said with breath in fast
"Save me dear highness"
The cat wants to eat me
As he has sharp tusks
I'd like you to stop
Him and I will be thanks
The lion said "dull person
Go and play out at once"
The rat run and mocked
The cat and he was saved
The hunter came to hunt
He put a net to catch a wild
The lion was sudden trapped
He saw the coming rat
He asked him to save the king
If he loved him from his heart
The mouse said" the king fair
Looks to the all people as the same
And don't prefer one over his brother
We are in our nation all the same
Even you don't save me
I will cut the net to be
A rat of noble and free
Of mind's hurt and pain