the love meeting

The loving meeting
They sat by the river
The birds flew around
They are singing with sound
In harmony like they trains
Long train for several years
They flew in shapes and groups
The butterflies were also there
The roses grew and spread
Their shiny smells and colors
There was a lake on other side
Some birds were seen insight
They were swimming as the light
Of the sun came to chase the foggy wide
The sun makes her face more bright
As one be puzzled from that bright
From her or from the sun's light
The voice of the moving water
Makes the hearts full of eager
To see the world better and safer
 The happy made the sad is escaper
That any time was seen by a viewer
Her beauty was clear
Her face was smarter
Her face can't be resisted
She gazed and looked
With eyes those opened
She said with harmony sound
"Do you forget something"
He looked and said at once
"I forgot to put on my watch
Thank you for your advice"
She sighed and eyes were opened
They were black and wide
She said in clearly sound
"Do you forget another thing?"
He thought and said at once
"Oh! I must wear my jacket
, Closed its button on my chest
As the weather tends to get cold
Thanks for your good remark"
She smile with patience
She talked and said"
Do you forget something?"
He waited and said"
I must but that sucker
To suck the juice from the jar
Thank you for your talking"
She said and looked down"
Do you remember important thing?
He thought that she looked
At his shoes that was untied"
Oh! I must get that tied
To complete my look in smart
 Thank you for having told"
She suddenly stood and said"
Do you remember that
Most important I guess"
He rubbed at his hair
He said with smile face
"I must get that glasses
On my face to be good
In my look and appearance"
She said with loud voice
As she suddenly stood
"When you remember that
You must and have talked
Phone me and I will respond
Or forget me till the last"
Please tell him what
Has he talked about?