the sun orders

The sun comes
She smiles
She says
"Get up, get up
Do your work
Do your best
Do as you could
Do your effort
To get your want
In easy method
With admire, with respect
Those are appeared
By eyes, by tales
Sweat a lot
Do not get a rest
To be lifted
Over those clouds
Do not talk
Do not look
Except remark
The other work
To get the full mark
And be remarked
By all thoughts
Don't be lazy
You will be hate
The world does not want
The lazy guy
Or you will be mentioned
With less respect
That may be appeared
With all eyes
You will be poor
Your money will soon
Lost as a vapor
That your inherit
If you don't get
Money to be saved
If you don't care it
You will gain the sand
The sand may be evaluate
More than to be at your hand
The money is a gift
It may be resentment
Take care of it
If you say that
I got it with hard
Work and with my mind
That is the smartest
Over all crowds
Or by best opinions
To get those millions
Who has his mind
Like mine ?
I get that money
Without any help
And I don't want
To give a hand
To those poor beings
As they are in fact
Created by their God
They must be hated
Only by their God
And I am only loved
By my God
When I die
I will get the best
The same tale was said
By the past creatures
When they dead
They all were asked
In meaning words
"I was so poor
Why don't you
Give me a help?
The guilty said
With strongly amazed
"How can I help
You and you are my God?
The god says in meaning
If you help that one
Who is poor and needed
Your hand to be paid
Him some money
To pay, drink or feed
It for her flat's rent?
Give your hand
To every one he wants
You deserve the God
To give you his hand
And enter the eternized