I met her

I met her
I heard there
Calling at me
Draw, draw at once
I saw her
Asking about
That draw without
Any war or battle
They said "we know
The others do
They surrendered
From the first round
You will know about
After the time is out
Hear and do your power"
I said "why does this beat?
Plan that leads to fault
Or may in a way of fight
They said" first you will face
That smartest face
What does your heart face?
It will face the sun shines
It will face the sun rays
Then it will be parted
If you look at her hair
It looks dark as night
Can you know at night?!
Can you see without light?
Between face and hair,
That causes the chatter
Between day and night
There is dead and life
You will be out of mood
You have no mind
When you meet
At that time