The free killer

The free killer
The killer is free
She walks in the street
Who can stop her?
Who will say "do not do that?
Who will object her?
And say without fair
 "You are guilty?"
To kill as you will
She kills without weapons
She gazed to those persons
With eyes wide and attractive
She attacks at active
Part of their bodies
Their only hearts
Their only hearts
Who can stop her?
Who can face her?
Her killers were a lot
Her madness were a lot
Her sick people were a lot
Who stop that kill?
Who return the mind
To those mad men?
Who can cure the ill
Persons from her sight?
My friend, go away
Don't pay attention at her
Do look at her
As she kills without know
And who will appear and do
The advice "do not do that?
And be mercy to the heart
You palm it and pick