change the earth face

There was a boy
Dreamt to fly
Fly high in the sky
To attend the stars
To combat the clouds
And meet the angles
Swear with their god
To get down to earth
To change its black dress
To draw happy on its face
To make the devils chase
As they spread bad thoughts
He dreamt to get down
To dive in oceans
And struggle with whales
And forced that sharks 
He might reach
To achieve his wish
He might be great magician  
To convert that small to thing
To be huge in every thing
To fear those who think
Of establish hate on the earth

He tried to change its face
He dreamt to plant olives
And grow pigeons in all places
To planet love over the earth
It will come surly with the peace
As the greed of riches increases
But the faith will change the face
From the black to face
Carries happy, carries peace