The voices

The voices are met
The voices are talked
The voices are aloud
The voices are lowed
The voices can be differed
The voices may be approached
They may be understood
They may be out of mood
, of any hear or any remark
They may get the mind chattered
They may get them considered
The voices may rest the body
They may get it in waves of busy
They may attract the smart
The angels comes to hear and get
A fare that gets out of that good
They also want to think and thanks
The only creator their god
They can attract the heart
Who invites the devils to celebrate
In that party without late
The voices may said good songs
Carrying a good mean and words
To make you to advance and get forward
They make the lovers to do their effort
To choose the sweet words to attract smartest
To marry them and established new houses
They can carry bad words
That invite bad and guilty
Without fair of the coming at the last
The voices can be heard
By ears ,eyes, minds and hearts
By animals and also by the birds
They all have their only tongues
They can't be known or told
Only one know every word
Only one who knows his God
Voices may approach you to your God
Or make you away and be the worst
When you hear the calling up
Get up and go even you are tired
To pray to met the most power
Do you know who will you talk?
Do you know who will you speak?
Who will listen to you with Concentration?
If you got in troubles and hard
If your mind confused and don't know the road
If you can't face the problem in fact
You will without think, left your head
Left your head up
Only to him, your God