Live by my side

Live by my side
Let me at your sight
To entertain my spirit
Let me be in the right
Way to complete my time
As you see, as you tell
Don't let me down
Don't say my sun has gone
If you leave, I will be down
I will be good, not be bad
I will do what you want
I will bear every load
I will change that world
I will put every pearl
If you wish ,I you tell
Me to convert that mount
To be sand or ease for a walk
Tell me to get up over it
I will do even I get dead
Tell me to gather that stars
I will do even they are high
I will make the sun, obey your sight
Move only by your eye
I will make the moon by your right
Hand or left as you want
You will see I am lie
No, I am faith and try
To show you how you're bright
You change me from dark to light
I will see all global funny
I will see the world happy
And the peace spreads clearly
To have its word obeyed finally