The four wings

All birds have two wings
But I have four wings
I am not as these birds
Or considered of flyers or insects
I am land gotten from an ancient
I collected my sons in love
I collected my people to build
To know the glory is established
Here into the dearest land
I learned them the advance is needed
Only work only work hardest
To fear your enemy must be awake
And I have four wings
First is the wing of religion
That appeared in the last times
Before advance, before knowledge
The man know his God at this edge
Was considered the top of knowledge
Give the man the power and advantage
Of all the creatures and the mankind
The man knew the monotheism
They prayed to their only God
They knew the good and the worst
They believe in the Punishment and Iiualb
They knew the last day
Which will come to held accountable
They draw those laws in the temples
The second wing is the kind
This is the famous capacity
It is known by every country
They welcome every one eagerly
As they were known for several times
The escaping from hunger and thirsty
The searching for peace and safety
Comes to live in my land with happy
He does as my people in every
Doings, hobbies and capacity
They love my people honesty
The third wing is the science
That I was so advanced
My library was established
It was the first in the world
All famous science came and red
At these times, they are the first ranked
The science was available and easy
It was not hide or get difficult
To make the other late
And I am the only advanced
I knew the science is important
To all people, to all mankind
The fourth is the welfare
Which is available to every one
When the starvation has established
I exposed my food to the world
Every hunger came to my land
To get his food and his need
I don't throw any food
Into the sea or the ocean
To make it dear and ebullient
And to gain money and pearl
At all eyes I gain respect
I helped every one ,as I could