the day is feast

The day is my feast
I must be in celebrate
The world has watched
It is written by the history
That the return of my glory
It is mentioned in sweet story
That was mentioned in last day
The Egypt has stood again
It will return to her nobleness
The world knew her highness
She was mentioned by all tongues
Who can neglect the sun rays
Which comes since the down?
Who can neglect the rains
Which get plants from the land
 That is kind and good?
My people will say their word
They will choice their president
For the first time after the dark
Had established for long period
It converts me as a late land
And I asked for money and help
Believe that Egypt which feed the world
Demand a help, money and food
They will said it was in the last
She is still poor and has no hope
Her people liked only revolt
They have no attention for work
It fault say it is wrong
They worked hard as they could
They convert the easy from hard
They convert the poor land to kind
They convert the valley from the mount
And I will build my new land