Bug ,bug ,bug

Bug ,bug ,bug
The frog hide
In that mud
The mud was dark
The dark is as the large
Who face her?!
Her neck was out
She waited that moment
When she saw the insect
She stretched her neck
She caught that hard
The frog has a good food
Bug ,bug ,bug
The rose opens leaves
She attracts flyers
those see those shine
And smell good scent
They decide to descend
To get their own
Food as they need
The rose has spread
Its sticky fluid
That sticks the insect
She tries to get ride
But the stick takes inside
She was taken inside
The rose gets good food
Bug ,bug ,bug
Her sisters has shiny
Petals those are so funny
The flyer put upon her
She wants to be happy
And get food and honey
The rose closes her ends
The flyer fights strongly
To get out of that trip
She finally gets dead
The rose has good food
Bug, bug ,bug
There is a spider
He stands to get food
The insect stands
He moves so slowly
As he could, as he could
It flies up, flies up
He jumped at once
He caught it at once
Stronger than any hard claws
He wrapped it with stitches
He introduced to his lover
To love him
To accept his demand
To marry him at a moment
She has a good food
Who teaches all creatures?
To get their food by effort
By mocking fly and jump
By sweating much and hard
Who teaches them to thank?
Their God for that food
They thanked their father
They get those foods
And thanked their mothers
As they do best cook