he moon appeared

The moon appeared
The dark disappeared
The hearts felt calm
The light was everywhere
The thief tried to vanish
The police man got courage
The people got advantage
The cry was loud
The woman got out
To get some help
Her son got sick
She wanted the physician
The physician wanted money
She must have money
To call that one
She cried of frustrate
Her son might die
Who give his hand?
The policeman noticed that
He carried that child
To transport him
She thanked him
The thief stolen worth
But he knew that child
He gave the police
What he had stolen
He was not arrested
He went to the station
As he found someone
Who stole this worth
He ran and could gain
That worth was stolen
The thief took his prize
He gave it to the police
The police refused it
They both sent it
To that poor one