he is jealous

that was said from a man to his wife

He is jealous of that fly
As it can put over her
As it moves as it could
It can feel with her blood
As it runs and remarks
What she thought
It can see her sharpest eyelashes
Those hurt several harms
It can also notice and remark
The move of her eyes
Where she can look?
Can she see mine?
It can fell on her chest
Hear of its pulses
And her heart sounds
What she loves or hates
It can touch her smooth skin
Feels how it's tender as seen
It can feel how she is alive
Her softness how it will be
I am jealous of that wind
Which can touch every span
Of her pearl when it blows
How it can feel her smoothly
How it can feel of her beauty
Which it hide under her clothes
I feel with lonely and less
Luck as I can't do as theirs
I am jealous of those clothes
Which surrounded her and are close
With that pearl and smart
Of her rosy body
That appeared
Or that worthy part
That disappeared
He is not that guy
Who will be very smart
And attract her sight
He is jealous of that brush
How can it pass over those pearl?
Teeth and feel her spittle
It must be very sweet
How can it looks t the red
Lips those are drawn in accurate
Place of that smart face
To make her face more decorate
He is jealous of her hair
Which is near of her smart
Touch every span of that attract
And know what does her mind
Think and who loves or hates?
He is jealous of those
Who is near and close
He thought what does his way?
Stay with patience or go away