I will buy

I will buy for you
Every thing you
May need or want
I will buy for you
Those worth diamonds
To decorate your beauty
Or you make it worthy
I will buy for you
Those expensive jewels
I know those all
Are less than your evaluate
You appreciate more
Than all worth jewels
The stars beside you
Became planets and dark
The sun gets its lights
From your face lights
The salty water of oceans
I guess it converts to sweets
The hard mount of the earth
It will be the most ease
The singing 0f those birds
Those sing every morning
And at the sun set before night
Made their words
When they saw your smart
The danger beside you
Will be safe, I assert
And the wild animals in the jungle
Will be peaceful in their fact
The time passes in fact fast
As the sweet time passed fast
You may mention in every mind
You may dig in every heart
Your memory comes with sweet
Things these may be carried
By minds and all always think
Every time to remind our thought
You evaluate worthy palace
Have several suites and wide
In its rooms and its ceiling is higher
It will beside the river not wide
I will change its color to be
As the colors of your eye
The lands around that palace
Will be planted and covered
With grown plants and be showed
And smell from distances
Those are wide