I'd like to have a car

I like to have a car
To fly with every star
To compete with the strongest
And get new friends
As I want
I will win the compete
To be a hero and get
Great prize as I dreamt
I will be the sky's star
I will catch that sun
And put it around my neck
As a medal of light
And the warmth's fount
I will be very rich
As I buy the light to one
Who needs it and demands
I will prevent the sun
From my companies and school
To less their hurt
To me as they did not want
See me their
I will swirl and swirl
And makes the wind spins
In several waves
That fears every one
They demand to be a friend
I will say yes or not
For those who I'd like
And I prevent from I dislike
I will be very smart
I will talk with only
Who don't harm me
But who had that boy
Who is poor in any way
He can't get any money
To get that warm or buy
And those old men
Who can't walk easy
And those old women
Who went to get happy
By make their life easy
I will drive that car slowly
To help who wants
To be gone or traveled
If I have money
I will divide it
To give the other
The half with smile
Smile to your enemy
You don't hate them
Smile to you friends
You like as theirs
All days
Wish happy wish
Don't sleep without hate
Live or stay in your heart
You will gain a reward
The heaven of your God