do ,do ,do

Do, do, do
Do as you know
Do more and more
Read more and try
Not to be say
That's enough
Do ,do ,do
Do not say
That's my effort
You can do best
You can be at the top
You can be that
The person, is pointed at
Do ,do , do
You want to do
Must train good
More as you could
Over than you could
Over others could
As you are in the compete
Try to be the first
To gain all points
And you will be that
The guy all admired
To do,do ,do
The science says do
To be the scientist
The religion says do
To be mentioned by God
And reach to the steps
Over all those created
The teacher says do
To solve that hard
You may be exposed
Do , do ,do
To get your baby
You must get a wife
And marriage her for life
Then you will get your son
If the god will