the chocolate

The boy came
He carried a chocolate
The grand father admired
That sweet in his hand
He said "oh! My grand son!
Did you see my glasses?"
The boy said "yes at the other room!"
The grandfather said "go and get
I want to read that newspaper"
The boy went to bring
The grandfather said "no ,no
Let that chocolate here
It will be safe here"
The boy left the sweet
And went to the room in fast
He got the glasses and returned
He found no sweet there
He said "where is the chocolate?"
The grandfather said in sad
Oh! My dearest grandson
It seems a big bird came
At once ,it take your chocolate
The boy became sad and went out
Every time
The grand father said that
The grand son did that
But at time when he was out
He forgot his toy and entered
He found his grandfather ate
The same sweet and chocolate
He stood with astonished
The grandfather was amazed
He prepared his clothes and said
It seemed that chocolate was fallen
From the bird's leg
And I found and had it