the failing man

I was a failing man
I was neglected one
I was remarked by no one
My opinion didn't be heard
By any one
I lost my job at once
I was fired by a face
Hard as a stone was motionless
My lover let me down
She said in hard voice
"You worth nothing in faith
You are not man that is obvious
You worth to get death"
I let her and walked along
I was ejected from my house
As I didn't pay for a rent
I went to preacher and asked
"What can man get if he suicide?"
Will he deserve to be in hell?
And can you read forgiveness prayer"
He said with smile of confidence
"You may not go hell
If I say my prayer
That if you are alive
But if you suicide
You choose your life"
So I went to the bar to drink
Some wine to forget everything
And did my decision to be dead
But the spirit is dear
How can I do that?
But I must do in fast
I will get full drunk
To feel no pain or harm
I went to the zoo
After the day of its show
I jumped over the wall as a hero
I could enter the Chimpanzee
She got up and looked in courage
She moved toward me and bowed
To smell and get her image
She stood in front,
Struck her chest
Several times to show her strong
After while we became friends
I sign to her to hang a robe
That I bought it
To do what I intended
She it fixed and strong
I climbed the tree as she did
I tied my neck and stood on a week
Branch to push it with my leg
When I tied the robe over a neck
She imitated me in good
She stood also and her neck tied
I pushed my branch
She pushed her branch
I lost my mind
She felt danger and harm
She got untied
In the morning I got up
I found my leg tied
I was overturned
I was still drunk
My neck must be untied
And my leg was tied in spite
I could open my eyes so hard
I thought that I was dead
 I saw the blue sky
Down ward me in a high
I saw the green tree under me
I thought that I entered the heaven
I shouted "thanks my God"
I looked at my friend
She was smile and laughed
I thought that she was houri
I said with loud sound
Tanks my God, thanks my god
I embraced her and kissed
But it seemed my mouth bad
Its smell was so awful and worst
So she got off this strong
Tie and descended in fast
She caught a great grass and buried
It into my mouth and jumped
She untied me and I fell
I run shouting "thanks God"