love and marriage

He dreamt her
That she was here
He was beside
She filled his sight
She occupied his heart
He mentioned her
When he talked
When he told
He dreamt a heart
Surrounded her
And he was beside
Inside that heart
The heart became red
Its boundaries got red
It shined as sun
Having brilliant light
It was light
As a sprite
That descend from high
Carrying good
Carrying every fare
They stood
He caught her
She was caught
He was wearing a suit
That was well tailor made
Its color was white
She was wearing dress
That was well tailor made
Its color was white
They were happy
They moved in a circle
The world was funny
Their flew with happy  
Everywhere to the all
The eyes were watching
The heads left up
They didn't get tired
They didn't complain
They still moved up
Higher, higher in circles
Till they disappeared from sights
As they live in higher
In peace without war
In satisfy without hate
In calm without hurt
The love made good
The love put a hand
To make the peace on land
Especially when the witness is god
God ,god
Only marriage is the holy tie
Only marriage is the strong tie
Between loving couples
Man and beauty woman
One and his lover woman