Wow, wow, wow 3

Woo, woo , woo 3
In the middle, the boy stood
The wolf and his wife stood
The two guys came in speed
They looked at the boy and faced
They asked "why are the animals raped?
Why did you take them and run?
Have you permission for doing that?
Or you try to appear as s safer
And help those wild"
He looked at them and said"
I have great mercy for help
That wolf and his wife to get
Their babies as they asked
They searched everywhere to get
Them safe, manner in good
They have a deal and a promise
To leave the town at once
The guy said "but we want them
To grow and get our demand
Of fearing wild and establish the act
Of save and peace on our land
We will made that town guard
Not by a weak but by a strong guard
The boy said "or to execute your wants
To get money by threat or act
Of fear by that wild act"
The guy said" what do you say?
You have no eye
To look or see!
How can these youth fear
The people or adults?"
The boy said "not now but in next
When they grow and their tusks act
And nail can do the same act
Of kill any thing moving or hurt
Then you will get what you want"
The guy said "you are mad one
You deserve to be killed or shot
As our animals are rapped
Without any deal or permit"
The wolf said" we want to kill you
As we are hungry and you know
You help us and we argue
To complete your favor to the end"
The boy said" but I am not fate
I don't deserve to be lost
And be talked in the history or told
The wolf said
"No, you are the most intelligent
The wild and the worst are feared
Of persons like your smart
So we will kill you"
The guys and wolves said"
Ready to get dead!"
They heard voice in loud
No, no as it is been seemed
Came from high sky
"No" they waited to see
They were filled with fear