love your land

Love your land
The higher you love her
The deeper root you had her
You can reach to its heart
By loving by working hard
By doing smart, by doing best
She calls you my son
My only lover I have born
She gets happy when you advance
She celebrates and tends to dance
As she knew you her son
When you gets marry
Her life turns funny
And she spreads the happy
Asking why the roses open
Asking why the birds sing
And the smell spreads at best
There must be something
Try to know ,try to think
That is one son get achieved
What he have wanted what he dreamt
What is that thing?
His land has advanced
His land has good fare
His land has  considered
Is the first over the world
The science gets from here
The justice established here
The knowledge was born here
And it will return to her
Again, again
Want to know that?
Want to know to attract
Hearts from all land
That the only smart
The smartest ,the most intelligent
The mother of all land