woo, woo woo

The wolf met the boy
Said with loud voice
"So you are so proud
Or you think you found
My heart appreciates the method
Of your appearance as a brave
You must do a wrong enough
To be punished an to be finished
You had gotten thought
I will not change my thought
Even you have brave enough
To face all worst and wild
Even you are in fact
Do faith at you act
But I must influence that
The love has land
Still in that world
Who his people wanted
The money as their spirits
Does your mother thank?
And she had healed
"Yes "said the boy
The wolf's eyes cried
They filled with tears
Said" I have also babies
I love them more
Than any guy or person
But they had gone
They were kidnapped
As my heart was kidnapped
Who return my heart?
I will achieve his want
Without lost a moment"
The boy said" I will do
But my only demand you go
And leave my land at once
That is our deal and faith"
The wolf stopped crying
Said with great amazing
"True my lovely boy
"Yes " the boy said "true
"I will do my best
To get your lovely child"
The wolf said" no one, but two
Son and his sister daughter
If you do
I will be only one
Who appreciate and know
Your favor you do
For me all my life
You will be my friend
And I let you live
With happy wish to your life
Then you must do
Do your promise and go"
The boy walked over the town
He tries to listen to every sound
He asks little guys
That walked in fear matter
When the sun is set
He heard the moaning sound
He climbed the wall house
To get the small wolves
He waited till the dark appeared
And all house got no sound
He caught the wolves good
And tried to cover their mouths
But their sound got aloud
That waked that house
They chased him in speed
He ran as he could
When he entered the town court
He found two big wolves
He said with amazing sound
"You are divided to two shapes"
The wolf said "this is my wife
She is the mother of the babies"
The boy said "that is your babies
Take them and go at a moment
As you had promised
Me in a previous moment"
But the wolf said in loud
"We felt with hunger
We want to calm our temper
So we will eat you faster
You will get any harm