Woo, woo,woo 6

Woo, woo, woo 6
He did his weapons in the guy's body
That made him screamed loudly
The scream made the hearts lowly
Their brave and the hope of safety
They filled with fear and mercy
The boy moved and caught the gun
He aimed it towards that wild
Who discovered that he attacked the one
Who must no beaten as the first one
The other jumped over the mother
With all her force and her power
 Faced him and for his astonish
She caught his jaws stronger as a wish
To prevent him from bit and be a rubbish
She jumped over to avoids his nails
She jumped again over and higher
She was settled over his back
She thought that her son was attacked
She wanted to revenge from the son's killer
As she has nothing to loose
His only son had been absence
She thought that she might
Get ride of that wild and attack
The other, so her eyes were gazed
Her mind was fully opened
She put her fingers in the wolf's eyes
He screamed for his hurts
Woo, woo ,woo
He stood blind for moments
She ran the towards the other
Gun and caught it stronger
She shot on that wolf's tail
Who was screamed by a pain
Woo ,woo ,woo
The boy caught the gun firmly
The wolf could see clearly
The wolf jumped towards him
The boy shot towards his arm
That had the wolf injured and pain
He screamed loudly for that pain
Woo ,woo ,woo
The mother was happy to see his son
Safe and have no hurt or pain
The boy ordered him loudly
"Go away and not return clearly"
The mother shot on the air
She said "do or you will be looser"
The two wolves said "yes and okay"
They and their children went away
The boy looked to the injured
He ran for asking some help