Woo ,woo,woo 8

The luggage was collected by the mother
A reach one has decided to reach her
To the nearest town of their town
She realized the man character
May be worst than the wild character
His word might be changed for his mood
But the wild's was changed to his anger
The man may say liars
But the wild do the truth
The deceive for many things
For love ,for fear ,for appearance
Of showing himself man of times
The man can change his deals
The wild change according to his
Feeling of hunger and need to eat
The mother didn't argue that governor
She went with his son an a matter
Of believing that the only fact
That the doing of the human and act
But the boy has another opinion
That the man has good act
But it may be hide by one
As fear of thing or the opinion
May not be had permit to know
She did he best to make her child grown
Brave and a strong weapon of known
She let him to learn the sports
To make him strong when he faces
Any matter needs to use his forces
 The town filled with fears
As it was filled with wolves
The governor asked the two men
To get rides of those
They decided to go and run
The people left the town
As the savers were not shown
Since years they had been gone
The town became ruin
Its people let it ruin
The wolves let and went
As  no need to stay
In a town of fear