Woo ,woo,woo 5

Woo, woo, woo 5
They all stood in diameter
Every two at the end of it
The mother and son were in the center
When the shots took off faster
The mother jumped over her son
They all felt to the earth
The shots moved directly over
They aimed right to the two guys
They were fired by the friend's fires
They were fallen down and have pains
The wolves stood and prepared
Their bodies to jump over and higher
The mother collected his force and power
She faced the jumper of the wolves
She was not afraid but brave
The son ran towards the gun
A wolf jumped towards him
The injured guys prayed to save
They asked God to help and give
The mother and son the power in native
They knew if the two were killed
They will be eaten one by one
The enemies of the past
In the future may be friend
The conditions may be changed
Who is dismissed may be needed
The boy ran fast
The wolf jumped faster
The boy became nearer
The wolf became faster
He jumped over and higher
The boy knew that
He rolled over and over
The jumper felt wider
The boy stood again
The wolf jumped higher
The boy knew to deceive
He consider the tusk sharpener
And the nails those were strongest
He guessed the direction of the jumper
He rolled over the other side
The wolf tried to get regulated
While he jumped on the air higher
He felt and did as a roller
The boy hurried and caught
The sands and threw in direct
Right to the wolf eyes
He screamed with loud voice
For threaten or for weaken
Woo ,woo ,woo
The wolf stood blind
He stood for a moment
The boy ran faster
The wolf followed the faster
The boy was slide over the land
The wolf was still runner
He crashed with a guy
He prepared his tusks and nails
To get over that one
Mocked him and made as a fashion
Of ancient times will not come
So hated him as one
Who must died or vanished