woo, woo ,woo7

Woo ,woo ,woo
The mother embraced her son
She embraced him very strong
She looked at his face
She said between tears
"Oh! My soul returned to me again"
She embraced him again
Like she wanted to return
Him to her inner abdomen
She looked very happy and thanked
Her God for return her only son
She kissed every face's span
She cried" oh! Lonely son
They went happy to their home
The governor came after a day
She opened the door with happy
She thought he gave her a reward
He said in anger sound"
Go out of that town
As you had worst done
You hurt that injured man
In spite of thank for his help
You insisted to make him injured
He did his best to kill those wild
But you protected them to run
Why do you insist to keep those wild children ?
To be strongest and gain
Stolen money to get gain
The town  to make it ruin
But dear master….."she was interrupted
By him and said "you want to continue lies
Go go without wait for seconds
She said "if you insisted!
We did the worst
We must leave that injustice
But can you let us for hours
To gather our  luggage we to leave a house
The governor laughed saying "luggage! "
You are like leave in a palace
Leave now without any second
Late or wait the town need faith"
He entered the house rapid
To collect her things in piles
The guards actual did their effort
To collect her things fast
When she went out
The governor said wit a mock
"I forgot to invite to celebrate
With town people to salute
With town that hero guys
To thank those guys for help
Them of getting ride of wild
When she left she saw a decorate
And color lights shined and filled
All town place and all  houses
The music voice was heard a loud