do your best

Do your best
To be the first
Don't be stopped
Don't complain
And ever say
That's my luck
With it ,I have born
And who can change
That bad luck?
By your effort
By your work
You can do
Good and know
More than wish
The god gives his hand
And helps every one
Who wants his help
You get more
Than any one
If you do
You work good
To get what you want
You must work hard
Don't say
Other hate me
They hate that one
Who don't work
Who tends to sit
And do nothing
Except complain
And say  that is bad luck
The others love
Who shares them
In their happy or sad
And give his hand
To help the other one
Who wants his help
They love the handsome one
Who appears as a trust
Who is confident by him self
Not arrogance to any one
Now you will be admired
If you change your mind
And change the other's look
By read and work
Know much, do more work