Woo, woo ,woo

Wooo ,wooo ,wooo
The wolf called
All hearts feared
All minds filled
With black thoughts
The doors closed
The roads were dark
The walkers decreased
The silent covered the land
Except that loud
Wooo ,wooo ,wooo
The tales were frightened
The boy had got
His mother sick
She must be healed
And his father dead
He got out
He ran speed
He forgot the frightened
He wanted to physician
He refused to be out
Who dare that wild?!
He gave him a medicine
The boy was out
The wolf was out
The steps were heard
The hearts were trembled
The minds were chattered
The wolf approached
He said with loud
"Wooo ,wooo ,wooo
Don't you fear?
Or my shape is moderate?
Would you be the safe?
Or you try to be brave
The boy said with brave
"I don't fear"
 Fear from you
That is grot"
The wolf said
"Wooo ,wooo ,wooo
Do you know?
I feel with hunger
I must eat you.
I should kill you
Without wait ,with argue
The boy said in a loud
Mom is very sick
I got that medicine
To be healed and cured
Can you permit?
To give hear that
And I will return fast"
The wolf said"
Wooo ,wooo ,wooo
You deceive me
But I will trust that
And you must return
Fast fast fast
As I am hunger
As I feel ill
The boy run fast
He gave his mother medicine
He ran and returned

To be followed