Wow, wow ,wow 4

Wow, wow ,wow 4
The person entered that siege in low
Movement and was appeared and looked
She was the mother of that boy
She said "why do you want to kill him?"
She faced the wolf and completed
"He returned your lost
He was faith and did his promise
So, you must do your promise
The opened his eyes and gazed
His eyes and said with amused
"You are the heaven's gift
To extinguish our hunger act
We will do our promise
After eat you and your son"
She looked to the guys
After recognize that no argue
Of saying or swearing with God
To keep saving of her child
"In spite of killing him
You must shot those wild
Who spread ruin and fear 
Over the town and everywhere
If you are so brave
You must face that fear
Who does took not give
Who lies and isn't faith
The guys said "we kill him ay a moment
As he dared and entered
Our home without permit
And we will kill you after that
To burry the truth and know
The mother and her boy in the center
The guys and wolves made a leaguer
The guys faced each other
The wolves faced each other
The two guys shot them
The shots moved towards them