She was completely naked
The light was dipped
She lied on the bed 
All ears and eyes were wide
She still slept on
She was described as an angel
They said "she is the queen
Off all hearts and minds"
Then she did sexy movements
That desired every workers
To record those scenes
To publish them to the public
By cinema ,video or internet
She waited the hero
Who would be naked
They will do sex in the front
Of the attendants without affright
They called it wrongly love
The love spreads the good not bad
It is essential to the world to stand
It is essential to make the life grand
It is the languages between hearts
Not mentioned, but it was understood
It deals between animals
Human and plants
The people know it in complete
Without it no young will not greaten
It is clear and white
Especially when it threaten
The faith people to believe in
Their god as he is the existent
The woman and the man stayed
As the order of the director
The camera passed at every span
Of their body as they met in sex
They called her she is an angel
How is she an angel?
And she helps the devils
How is she kind?
And does the misdeed
They called the princess of the heart
Which heart that gets the guilt?
That believes in sex not in love