love and the universe

Does the love know limits?
Does the love stop and avoid?
The lover to achieve their want
To achieve progress and get advanced?
Does the love appear as paralyzed?
Can't the love fly?
You can feel the souls in sky
Meet and know each other high
He catches the star
She follows the planet
Their souls chasing
In a play of happy
Out of any suffer
He says "you are my spirit
That I imagine"
She says "you are my star
By that I follow
There is no land for love
There no land for happy
The love ties the souls nearly
No areas there but the suggest appears
He lives in south, he gets some bad
She lives in north ,she felt with sad
When he cries ,the tears get from her eye
When he laughs, her smile shines
As the knew each other at once
As they talked only by hearts
Asking" do you love me indeed?"
Answering "of course from heart's deep"
The love needs no money
The love needs only prays
Honest, bear and faith
You can hear the stars sing a song
That is harmony does not been heard
You can see the stars dance
As the love lives in their hearts
Love is the only hope
That is the rest for all kinds
To make peace achieves on the earth
No war ,no kill, no hurt
The love is the present
The past the future act
It will be governed
All the world ,all the land