I mentioned her

وردة طافيةعلى الماء

I mentioned her name everywhere
I mentioned her name to all seen
I wrote her name on every stone
I wrote her name on every truck
I mentioned her name in every word
As I want to tell all and the world
That she only my queen and my world
I mentioned her every day ,and every night
I saw her in every rose
Shine with colors those are bright
I faith in her love as a numerous
Can change the poor into dose
That make all green cover the world
I don't want to forget her
I don't want to lost  her
As she my spirit I live with
She is my soul that is near
My heart that is live inside
She capture my soul beside
Does my heart talk and decide?
To follow her as my spirit
Tell her to give mercy
And smile for poor guy
I don't want money or authority
I want only you to give me happy
If you accept ,if you stay
I will be the richest guy
If you be near not away
I will be the most authority
Than any president governs the advanced
Country all over the world