Clock ,clock ,clock
What time is it?
The boy gets up
Looks at the window
The sun looks at
she says "good morning"
the boy hate that
he wants to sleep
the mother comes at once
with her smiley face
says "oh ,boy up, up"
the sun will get up
she wants to give a kiss
at your cheek before she leaves
the son says "no ,I want to sleep"
I get very happy
When I get sleep
I do nothing
Except going sleep
Sleeping that my sweet
Sleeping, sleeping ,sleeping
I dream in sleep
I change my place
To have sleep
In fast ,in speed
The best thing is sleep
Mother smiles and says 
The sun also dream to sleep
If the sun does that
Who lights our world?
If the moon goes sleep
Who will light the night?
If the farmer sleeps
Who gather the corps
That we wear and eat?
If the backer sleeps
Who makes the bread?
All wants to sleep
But to get sweet sleep
You must work hard
Do ,do your effort
You will sleep as angel
That comes with fare
That chases the devil